Road to Juventus-Inter

When I was in Milano for the Napoli game I hung out with a great gang of Interisti. Our group was about ten persons and one of the reasons that I was able to skip work for the trip was making my boss join me for it.
– Can I go on this trip to watch Inter-Napoli?
– No you need to work.
– You wanna join me?
– Ehm.. Ok why not.

So I thanked him and set things up. Watched our primavera slaughter Milan’s primavera and watched Inter get a good draw against Napoli after a Pazza performance. Coming home I do as I’ve done many other times, start looking for flights to return to Milan straight away.

As I wrote in my first piece the Meazza is like a drug or Inter is like a drug that you get addicted to. You get addicted to the passion for the team and need more all the time. Having seen the many home games I really enjoyed the atmosphere at my first away derby last season so I set things up to go watch that game in November.

I don’t believe in God but I have some principles that I do my best to follow:
1. Try to be present once a month at the Meazza.(failed December)
2. Watch at least five games a season(3 until now).
3. Bring as many people possible with me on my trips.
4. Never miss a chance to swear at the gobbi bastards.

Having come home from the Napoli game I had gotten my hopes and my enthusiasm up. Also I was already missing Milan and my friends so I had to have something to look forward to. I called around to see if there was anyone who wanted to join me for the away derby but failed to find one, but that didn’t keep me from going.

At the same time I started looking at the calendar for the month of December and didn’t really find anything of interest. The real big game came just after the break and it was Juventus away. Struggling to find partners for the game against Milan I was wondering who’d be crazy enough to join me for the game against Juventus away.

Seeing as there are extremely few Swedes who have the Tessera del Tifoso at their disposal and that there are few who travel to see Inter in these times, the list of calls I could make was really short. Seeing as he couldn’t do it for the derby, I was sure that Danny would be up for the away game against Juve and I was right. After a five minute chat me and Danny were looking for the best flight and hotel options.

Danny is one of those Interisti that you are fierce of knowing. He doesn’t say much but when he does it’s always something of great quality that comes out of his mouth. He has put great effort in reading Inter’s history and has a great passion for Inter. When not going to the Derby with me, he immediately booked the game gainst Udinese to make it up. After booking the flights, we had to wait nearly two months to get the date of the game confirmed from the Lega Serie A, we risked losing a shit load of money but fortunately that didn’t happen.

Many might ask themselves why the hell two Interisti would travel from Sweden to drop money into the pockets of the juventini and watch an almost certain loss. The reasons are simple and I think they apply to Interisti who live far from Milano as well. We started with dreaming about San Siro. Having managed to fullfill that dream, we look for other targets. It might be changing places from the sides, to the curva. It might be going to see a derby, instead of seeing the game against Bologna. It will certainly mean watching the game against Juventus, the most hated rival of ours. It will mean seeing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25,30 Inter games and this time for us it meant jumping into the house of our enemy. Juventus away.

The addiction to passion is there for both of us and having experienced the away derby there are not many things that are more charming than being very many less than the opposition, and still be singing and showing our love for the Inter colors. Nothing beats outsinging your opponents, in their stadium and this is what we have intention to do.

There are a million things to dislike about Juventus. After experiencing the many years of the triade, seeing my childhood idol Ronaldo crying on the bench whilst Juve won the title(that they never would’ve had the possibility to do), seing Moggi be punished but still coming back to participate in live-TV and also being able to spread lies in media about a person like Giacinto Fachetti we have always had a tense feeling about Juve. When you think they can’t get worse, they do something new to become even more dispiccable and this is the only thing I admire the bianconeri for. They can always become worse.

One of the happiest days of 2014 was when Inter released the statement against Andrea Agnelli. Reading the words “Juventus were relegated together with their reputation” filled my heart with pride and joy. Finally we had taken the battle against the bianconeri and this is what me and Danny will be looking to continue on Tuesday.

In days where what Juve did and have always done is being normalized, it is important to know that their story of frauds is known all over the world. We are looking forward to  color the hell of Juventus Stadium with the right colors, entering the stadium with  black and blue scarves around our necks, singing until there’s no voice left to shout with and knowing that there is no such thing as losing, when you enter black and white territory with a black and blue heart.