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If you ask me how I first got to know Sia, I honestly can’t answer, but I can tell you the first time I saw him and recognized outside the stadium, who wouldn’t recognize Sia? Seriously. We had a few words before moving on and going our ways. But after that day we started talking more on the internet, for advice, ideas, sometime help. At the time buying games tickets was a nightmare, and I felt it was too crazy to be accepted, so me and my mum (she has done most of the work) went out to buy tickets for Sia and his friends once. And when Inter made it possible for foreign people to have the Tessera del Tifoso (a card you load game tickets onto) but not to receive it at home, abroad, I told Sia he could have it send it at my place, in Milano. And then there have been dinners, lunches, five-a-side games, blasphemies, walks, swearing to opposite fans, tears, hugs and flags. On my side, there is also the greatest admiration for this wonderful human being, who I am very happy now feels home when in Milano.

Recently me and Sia started to talk about this “One of Us”, a space (in Italian and English) where our “nerazzurri” brothers and sisters abroad can express their feelings about Inter. Because we are brothers of the world…


When Siavoush Fallahi is not in Sweden he’s at the Meazza (Twitter: @SiavoushF)

People looked at me as if I was a mad man. And to be honest, the Curva Nord isn’t the place where you’ll see grown men cry their eyes out often. And here I was standing in the middle of 15 000 ultras crying like a little boy because Inter scored a goal in the 90th minute of the derby against Milan.

A friend of mine explained to the others who where looking at me strange:

“It’s his first derby guys, it’s his first derby.”

Even though I thank him for saving the situation that wasn’t my first derby. I had seen Inter beat Milan with 4-2 earlier and also a draw thanks to a goal from Schelotto. This is about something else, this is about dreams, emotions, chilometres, sacfrifices and love for the team called Inter.

It might be hard for people living close to San Siro to understand what it feels like to watch the team from abroad. When asked about how I can feel so passionate about Inter, I most often compare it to loving another human being. Loving Inter from abroad is like being in a long distance relationship.

You might be able to see, hear and read but you will never be able to get as close as you’d like to. You will always be thinking about being closer to the team and dreaming about setting your foot at the Meazza. Maybe you can’t due to distance, maybe you can’t due to economy, maybe you can’t because you aren’t old enough or maybe you can’t get away from working or studying.

Meanwhile you are keeping Inter on your mind 24/7. You read news, you even translate pages from Italian to your own country, you check the pictures from the stadium and watch videos. If Inter loses you will be in a bad mood until next week, if Inter wins you will be on the top of the world. But even though Inter wins there is that one thing that might keep you from being happy.

“Imagine being there, at the stadium, together with all other Interisti experiencing that goal. ”

It might start out as a dream. The dream because an idea and the idea becomes reality. You step in at the stadium, joined by brothers and sisters feeling your exact feelings. The wait is over and just as a drug, when the rush is over you want to get it again and it becomes a habit. From the habit it turns into an addiction.

An addiction to passion, an addiction to new friends and adventures, an addiction to the team that you love and the feelings it trasmits.

This will be our story about living, feeling, seeing and cheering from Inter abroad. It’ll be our story about getting to know new people who will become like your second family. It will describe leaving home, to embrace another home. It will be about sacrificing friends, jobs and parties. This will be all about pure, passionate Interismo containing joy, sorrow, laughs and tears.

With one thing combining it all.


Italian version here

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